Cititi si va minunati: 200 judges & 30,000 cases this Sunday!

Am ramas fara cuvinte citind acest articol.Am sa dau un copy-paste la prima parte a articolului:

"NEW DELHI: More than 30,000 cases to be settled in one day? Delhi courts get ambitious with launching a mega lok adalat this weekend where over 200 judges will sit to dispose of cases in one hearing. The mega event will be conducted on Sunday and the judiciary targets disposal of maximum number of compoundable cases in a bid to downsize the huge backlog of cases. Not only all the judicial officers of six district courts will participate in this adalat, but the Delhi high court Chief Justice Dipak Misra will also attend the Mega Lok Adalat.

In the initiative taken by Delhi Legal Services Authority (DLSA) in coordination with Delhi high court legal services committee (DHCLSC), judges will leave their seats and try and solve disputes in a more ''informal way''.

Sincer eu personal,nu cred asa ceva! Nu e posibil,nu e uman,nu e etic si nu e mai cum vreti voi! :)) Really!

Sursa : Times Of India.